YouTube Projects






Streamline your YouTube video production process with this Notion Template designed specifically for Content Creators!

With this template, you'll have a clean and organized system to keep track of all your video projects in both database and calendar views.

When you create a new page inside the database, you'll find an inner template that automatically generates a "New YouTube Project" page with all the essential sections pre-populated for you.

This includes the video information section where you can fill in details about your video topic, title ideas, SEO tags, sponsor information, and content ideas.

You'll also find sections for video description, YT Shorts caption, social media caption, research and notes, and a handy checklist to keep track of your progress.

My template also includes a section for scripting, where you can plan out your video's Intro, Body, and Outro.

Save time and stay organized with my Notion Template. Try it out today!


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