Introducing StudentOS Basic: Your All-in-One Notion Template for Student Success

Are you looking for the ultimate organizational tool to supercharge your academic journey? Look no further! StudentOS is here to transform the way you manage your student life, bringing efficiency, clarity, and success to every aspect of your educational experience.

Features at a Glance:

  1. Setup Page: Get started with ease by creating subjects, setting up your timetable and defining grade weightings

  2. Calendar: Stay on top of your assignments and exams with a user-friendly calendar view that ensures you never miss a deadline.

  3. Subjects: Organize your courses effortlessly, including professor details, class numbers, and semester information. Track pending assignments and exams, and access dedicated templates for each subject.

  4. Assignments: Manage your tasks efficiently by tagging subjects, setting deadlines, tracking progress, and assigning grades.

  5. Exams: Similar to assignments, you can tag subjects, set exam dates, monitor progress, and record grades.

  6. Timetable: Create your class schedule.

  7. Notes: Easily create and organize notes, linking them to specific subjects for quick reference.

StudentOS is your comprehensive solution for academic excellence. Say goodbye to scattered notes, missed deadlines, and disorganized schedules. With StudentOS, you'll have everything you need to excel in your studies and prepare for a successful career.

Start your journey towards academic success today with StudentOS - the ultimate Notion template for students!


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