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Introducing the Personal Finance Template for Notion. A comprehensive solution for tracking and managing your personal finances. This meticulously crafted template empowers you to take control of your financial life with ease and efficiency.

With Personal Finance, you gain access to a collection of 10 robust databases, each designed to cater to specific aspects of your financial journey. Let's explore the wealth of features this template offers:

  1. Navigation Dashboard: Get a bird's-eye view of your financial landscape and enjoy quick access to the most crucial databases, including accounts, categories, transactions, subscriptions, wishlist, monthly budgets, and debts.

  2. Accounts, Wishlist & Debts: Effortlessly track your bank accounts and watch as the template automatically calculates the balance for each account based on income, expenses, transfers, and starting amounts. Additionally, you can maintain a Wishlist of your favourite items and manage a list of Debts.

  3. Categories: Categorize your incomes and expenses with precision to gain insights into your spending patterns. This feature enables you to analyze and optimize your financial decisions effectively.

  4. Incomes: Keep a comprehensive record of all your income transactions, ensuring you have a complete overview of your financial inflows.

  5. Expenses & Subscriptions: Seamlessly log your expenses and subscriptions to stay informed about where your money is going. Monitor your spending habits and make informed choices to achieve your financial goals.

  6. Transfers: Easily track transfers between accounts within the template. This database ensures accurate and transparent tracking of your financial movements.

  7. Subscriptions: Easily track recurring payments like subscriptions, bills, and memberships. Stay organized with details like provider, cost, and billing cycle.

  8. Start Amount Calculator: Calculate the starting amount to reflect the actual balance in your accounts database. This feature saves you time and minimizes manual errors.

  9. Financial Summary: Gain a comprehensive overview of your financial performance with an average monthly financial summary. This valuable insight empowers you to make data-driven decisions and adapt your financial strategies accordingly.

  10. Change Currency: Effortlessly switch between currencies in all the table views of the full-page databases with this page.

  11. Easily Clean Everything: This page provides a table view of all databases, allowing you to clean and reset individual pages with ease.

I understand that users may have different currency needs. For this reason Personal Finance allows you to easily change currencies or choose between the two most used currencies: Euros (EUR) and USD dollars ($). Whether you're managing your finances in Europe or the United States, this feature ensures accurate and convenient tracking of your financial transactions.

Personal Finance is meticulously designed to ensure user-friendly navigation, clean aesthetics, and seamless integration with your existing workflow. Take advantage of its powerful functionality to achieve financial clarity, improve budgeting, and ultimately reach your financial goals.


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