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Introducing the Movie Tracker Notion Template for Notion – the ultimate tool to organise your movie-watching experience.

This meticulously designed template empowers you to effortlessly organize, catalog, and immerse yourself in the world of cinema.

Effortless Movie Management: Bid farewell to scattered lists and disjointed notes. The template provides a centralized database where you can effortlessly log every movie you desire to watch. With organized columns for title, rating, year, genre, director, and a "watched" checkbox, managing your movie collection has never been simpler.

Curate Your Next Watchlist: The template's front page offers two distinct table views of your movie database – one showcasing your upcoming movie selections and another highlighting the movies you've already enjoyed. As you check the "watched" box for a movie, it gracefully transitions from your watchlist to your watched list, maintaining a seamless and intuitive organization.

Enhanced Genre Exploration: Unveil the versatility of your movie collection with the innovative multi-select genre property. With just a few clicks, assign multiple genres to each movie, allowing you to delve into various cinematic themes. What's more, this template capitalizes on this feature by creating dedicated genre pages that showcase movies belonging to specific genres, enabling a deeper exploration of your favorite themes.

Simplify Your Movie Adventures: Imagine having an intuitive system that not only helps you plan your movie nights but also enriches your understanding of film genres. The Movie Tracker template is designed to elevate your movie-watching journey – from managing watchlists to exploring genres, it's your cinematic partner.

Are you ready to streamline your movie tracking and unlock the true potential of your film collection? Download the Movie Tracker template and immerse yourself in a world of organized entertainment.


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